Island of Mustique

Gazing out the twin propeller plane window the jagged emerald island seems to float in the tri-colored turquoise Caribbean waters.

This is the first site of the illustrious private island of Mustique: The upper crust's best kept secret. Tommy Hilfiger, Mick Jagger , Princess Margaret and Viscount David Linley, just to name a few, all have enjoyed the splendor of the small 1,400 acre island in the located in the Caribbean Grenadines. Luckily for me, this was the location of my best friend's wedding, so I became one of the few who been able to sneek a peek into the secret life of the rich and ...

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Anson or Quigley?

Anson and Quigley were close friends. They were joint owners in a small company that ran a sight seeing boat doing harbour tours in a city popular with tourists.

The business had been growing nicely from its fitful start some six years ago. In fact they had sold the initial boat and upgraded to a character wood vessel that was much admired by their many clients as it plied the waters of this lovely harbour city, stopping here and there to point out and admire the local architecture or attraction.

The boat was very expensive and they ...

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Job Overseas?

After graduating from law school in Germany, I spent in 1992 half a year as a law clerk working for an US firm in Miami, Florida. That stint in Miami was something like an international eye-opener for me. There was no doubt that I was not going to practice law in Germany after getting admitted to the bar there. Instead, that stint in Miami was the first of several jobs all over the globe. The purpose of this article is primarily to give readers an idea about possible approaches to land professional work in an international setting ...

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Caribbean Fun

Visitors to the Caribbean can find all sorts of activities to suit any interest, and for those who have dreams of the glitz, glamor, and neon of Las Vegas--as well as the beautiful islands of the tropics--Caribbean casinos can offer the best of both worlds. Gambling in these casinos can add a little spice to any vacation, even for the casual visitor. Keep in mind that each island's gambling laws will be distinctly their own...

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Cure Overseas

As the forces reshaping the U.S. drug distribution system come to bear on the country's gatekeepers, "discretion" -- a word that Brooks and customs inspectors near San Diego and Laredo, Tex., all used -- has overtaken regulation. U.S. officials draw a bright line at smuggled medications or obvious counterfeits or drugs that have been rejected for the U.S. market. But a traveler who has a prescription and buys no more than a three-month supply of medication for his own use will most likely be allowed in....

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Travel: Money Issues

In this age of consumerism, long working hours and stress, the yearly family holiday has become an essential part of maintaining sanity for many people. But whether you opt for a relaxing beachside break, exciting overseas adventure or snow-filled skiing holiday, that annual escape from reality has become a major financial drain. So if your budget can't stretch far enough to accommodate that dream holiday you've been looking forward to all year, a personal loan could be your best option to fund your escape...

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